Avril Lavigne Turns Off Comments After Mod Sun Breakup And Tyga Backlash

After his breakup with Avril Lavigne, Mod Sun turned to fan support to move on from the heartbreak. At the same time, the ‘Sk8er Boi’ singer dealt with the backlash she received because of her relationship with Tyga by turning off the comments section of her Instagram post or reportedly deleting the comments.

The two broke off their engagement last month and shared their post-breakup feelings on social media in their respective ways. Shortly after they parted, Lavigne started dating Tyga, and the two were photographed kissing at Paris Fashion Week, which upset the fans and resulted in controversy.

Due to the backlash and criticism from mainly Mod Sun fans, the rock singer turned off the comments section in one of her recent Instagram posts. While her next one seems not to have any restrictions, according to some comments, Lavigne deleted some of the remarks regarding her breakup and romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, the rapper has been sharing some videos of his stage shows or fan interactions with captions displaying his appreciation for the support he received from his fans. In the most recent one, Sun is seen singing passionately on stage with a message underneath, hinting at moving forward.

The text under his recent video read:

“‘Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.’
Boston (100 tickets left)
NYC (go hard)
Philly (100 tickets left)
DC (low tickets)
so excited to be back on the east coast.”

The post before that, shared on his birthday, was a video collaboration of his several performances. In the caption, the rapper indicated his pleasure at being on stage and thanked his fans for being there when he ‘needed it the most.’

His heartfelt message was as follows:

“Today is my birthday + right now, there’s no place I’d rather be than on stage with all of you. Y’all have made me feel very loved when I needed it most.”

Mod Sun focuses on moving on from his breakup with Avril Lavigne with the support of his fans, as they have been encouraging and giving solace to him; however, the rocker seems to be overwhelmed by the hostile criticisms about her breakup with the rapper and relationship with Tyga, as evidenced by her turning off the comments of her Instagram post. She has yet to respond directly to the backlash.