Avril Lavigne Seems To Side With Gene Simmons As She Tries To Grasp How The ‘Internet Killed The Rockstar’

Punk Queen Avril Lavigne recently starred in the music video of Mod Sun’s hit ‘Amnesia‘ in which there are some messages that support KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ views on how streaming services and the internet, in general, have killed rock.

As you may recall, Avril Lavigne recently made an exciting announcement considering her upcoming album. Following her amazing performance of ‘Flames’ with her boyfriend Mod Sun, Avril said that it’s almost time for her new album and told her fans to get ready.

While fans have been waiting for her album, they came across their favorite rockstar in Mod Sun’s recently released music video for ‘Amnesia.’ At the beginning of the music video, Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne can be seen holding hands in front of a tombstone that reads ‘Internet Killed The Rockstar,’ which is also Mod’s new album’s name.

This brings us to the ‘rock is dead’ argument, which was initiated by KISS’s iconic bassist Gene Simmons in 2014. He repeated this claim earlier this year and argued that rock was murdered by streaming platforms as they have made music free which means that no one wants to buy records anymore.

This statement has been a well-discussed topic and seeing the Punk Queen take a stand was sure interesting. Although Avril Lavigne has shared her thoughts on this topic neither on her social media nor in interviews, the fact that she stands in front of the tombstone trying to understand what’s going on may be a hint of what she believes.

You can watch the music video of ‘Amnesia’ below.