Van Halen Brothers’ Influence On Dimebag Darrell And Vinnie Paul

As the sons of Dutch musician Jan Van Halen, Alex and Eddie wanted to pursue professional musical careers like their father as an outcome of their natural-born talents. However, it wasn’t only about talent; the brothers also worked hard to create music that would reach millions worldwide. Their band’s first name was the Broken Combs, and they went over a couple of different names, such as Trojan Rubber Company, Genesis, and Mammoth.

In 1973, Mammoth finally became Van Halen, and their frontman David Lee Roth stated that he suggested them for marketing and branding. The band dropped their self-titled debut studio album on February 10, 1978, which hit the charts and helped the band members gain great fame and success quickly. Along with the other icons, the Van Halen brothers had a significant influence on various young generation groups, and one of them was Pantera.

Alex And Eddie Van Halen Inspired The Abbott Brothers

Other famous brothers and bandmates, guitarists Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul, followed Van Halen’s steps and founded their band Gemini. Later, they decided to change its name to Eternity until they came up with Pantera in the early ’80s. Like the Van Halen siblings, Darrell became the lead guitarist, and Paul served as the drummer, and they played Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ for hours in their first rehearsal, inspired by Alex and Eddie.

In addition, the band’s lineup consisted of Terry Glaze, Donnie Hart, and bassist Tommy D. Bradford. However, they couldn’t stick together for a very long time. Even though they faced several lineup changes due to personal and creative differences, the Abbott brothers stayed together despite everything that they went through. Pantera’s records started to sell millions, making the band a milestone figure for heavy metal music.

Like almost every other rock and metal band, they had their muse, which encouraged them to begin creating music while listening to them in their early years. Furthermore, during one of his previous interviews, the late Pantera drummer revealed that Alex and Eddie Van Halen inspired them enormously, especially at the beginning of their careers. Paul admitted that he couldn’t believe the parallels between each other such as founding heavy metal bands, taking the same roles there, and many others.

Here’s what Vinnie Paul said about Van Halen:

“Van Halen was a huge influence on me. Eddie and Alex inspired my brother and me so much. It was just unbelievable the parallels that we had between ourselves.”

Pantera members named legendary groups like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, KISS, and Van Halen; therefore, there’s no doubt that glam and heavy metal significantly influenced them. Inspired by these bands, their unique music, and unforgettable stage shows were a starting point for Paul and Darrell, other remarkable brothers of metal music.