Avril Lavigne Says She’s Finally Releasing New Music

Avril Lavigne spoke in a recent interview with Yungblud in BBC Radio’s Future Sounds and revealed the possible release date of her new single or even record.

Even though Avril released a new song last year during the self-quarantine days to support the project Hope, ‘We Are Warriors,’ it was only another version of her ‘Warrior’ song from 2019’s ‘Head Above Water’ album. Since then, she hadn’t released any new material.

However, the 36-year-old singer announced in December 2020 that she has been working on a new studio album along with Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly. After two months, Avril released her first single from the upcoming album featuring Mod Sun, named ‘Flames.’

Around the same time, the Queen of Pop Punk also revealed that they completed the recording of the album and stated that she will release the album this summer. Unfortunately, she hasn’t dropped any singles music since then. In the conversation with Yungblud, Avril pointed out that she will be releasing new music in a month or two, which means she might release a new single any day now.

Yungblud asked Avril how she has been doing lately:

“Hello, what have you been up to? I have seen you have been skateboarding!”

Avril Lavigne responded:

“Yeah, been trying to enjoy the summer. I just bought some skateboards the other day with Mod, and probably like a month or two, I’m finally releasing new music!”

You can check out the conversation below.