Avril Lavigne Recalls The Challenges She Faced During The Recording Of Her Debut Album


Pop Punk Queen Avril Lavigne recently joined Ultimate Guitar for an interview and revealed what challenged her most while recording her debut studio album.

When she was just 16 years old, Avril Lavigne decided to pursue a music career and signed a two-album contract with Arista Records. In 2002, she released her debut studio album ‘Let Go.’ Following its release, this album became a remarkable success, and it brought Lavigne unexpected international fame.

At the time when Lavigne signed a contract, she had some struggles due to her conflicts in musical direction. She then moved to Los Angeles and recorded the earlier materials for ‘Let Go,’ but her label didn’t approve them. So, she collaborated with the Matrix’s production team, and they helped Lavigne reach her career goals.

In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, Avril Lavigne stated that she wanted her songs to be very guitar-driven when she first started writing songs. She then said she wanted to write her songs as she didn’t like the songs the producers gave to her. Moreover, Lavigne revealed she wanted her debut album to sound more rock with more distorted guitars.

The singer said the first six months went terrible while making the album, but then she met The Matrix’s Lauren Christy and Clif Magness, who genuinely listened to what she wanted. So, she started to write songs with Lauren Christy and began making music that she was trying to get released as a musician.

In the interview with Ultimate Guitar, Avril Lavigne said the following:

“When I started songwriting, I wanted it to be very guitar-driven. When I went out to make my first album, I was very young, and I had to push to be a songwriter because I think the producers I was put with were like, ‘Oh, here, sing our songs.’ I was just like, ‘I don’t like any of these….’ And felt really inspired to speak out and be like, ‘No, I want to write.’

Then the other thing I had to really push for on my first album was for it to sound more rock. I was so young, so I didn’t totally know how to articulate myself. So I would say, ‘Can you make it sound more like a band?’ I wanted it to have more guitars, distorted guitars, and I wanted it to rock a little harder. So that was what I was pushing for, and it was a lot of work.”

She then continued:

The first six months of making my first album were sh*t, and it went terribly. In the end, like in the last two months, I finally met people that listened to me, like The Matrix’s Lauren Christy and Clif Magness. They allowed me to go into a genre that I was trying to get to, musically, production-wise.

Lauren Christy and I would write songs together. We would talk about my life and dive into that. So it was important to me from a young age to rock. That was at my core, and I wanted everything to have loud guitars. I wanted the guitars as loud as possible. That’s what got me to my sound.”

One of the albums that changed the pop-punk scene, ‘Let Go,’ is Lavigne’s highest-selling album. Moreover, it also features the hit singles ‘Complicated’ and ‘Sk8er Boi,’ which earned Lavigne the title ‘Pop Punk Queen’ and reached out to a global audience.

You can listen to Lavigne’s debut album below.