Avril Lavigne Admits She Never Imagined ‘Complicated’ Would Be Successful

Avril Lavigne recently posted screenshots from her ‘Complicated’ music video in an Instagram post and revealed her thoughts on the song. She then stated that she never thought ‘Complicated’ would be a huge success.

When she was only 16 years old, Avril Lavigne signed a two-album contract with Arista Records. She released her debut studio album ‘Let Go’ in 2002. After the release, the album turned out to be a huge success and a significant breakthrough for Lavigne. Moreover, it also featured her global hit single ‘Complicated.’

‘Complicated’ is the debut single of Avril Lavigne and was released as the lead single from ‘Let Go’ on March 11, 2002. The award-winning song was written by Lavigne and her production team, The Matrix, and it received positive reviews from music critics and fans. Besides, ‘Complicated’ made Lavigne earn the title ‘Pop Punk Queen’ and established her skate punk persona.

On March 11, in celebration of the 20th-anniversary of the song, Avril Lavigne took to her Instagram to share her fans with some screenshots from ‘Complicated’s music video. In the post, she also revealed her thoughts on the song. Lavigne stated that ‘Complicated’ has a special place in her heart as it was the song that started it all for her.

Lavigne then thanked her co-writers Lauren Christy and The Matrix for understanding her vision and LA Raid for discovering her and giving her creative freedom. Moreover, the musician admitted that she had never imagined where ‘Complicated’ would take her in the music industry as well as the fanbase it created.

Avril Lavigne’s Instagram post read:

“Holy f*ck! ‘Complicated’ was released 20 years ago today. This song holds such a special place in my heart. It was my first single off my first album. The song that started it all for me. F*cking neckties; black eyeliner; tank tops; fat sk8 shoes; Dickies! This was the first music video I ever shot. My first time hearing myself on the radio.

4-ever grateful to my co-writers Lauren Christy and The Matrix. They were the first team to really get me and understand my sound and vision. 4-ever thankful to LA Reid for discovering me and giving me my creative freedom. I could have never imagined the places this song would take me and the amazing fanbase it created. I am so grateful to you guys always, and 4-ever for embracing my music and showing me so much love then, and still now, 20 years later.”

Below, you can check out the pictures Avril Lavigne included in the post and watch the music video for ‘Complicated.’