Avril Lavigne Performs With Ex-Husband Deryck Whibley, Fans Are Impressed

Avril Lavigne and her ex-husband Deryck Whibley recently shared the same stage in Las Vegas.

On June 1, during her Greatest Hits Tour in Las Vegas, Avril invited Deryck on stage to perform Sum 41’s hit ‘In Too Deep’ together. Lavigne shared the video of their duet and wrote:

“‘In Too Deep’ in Las Vegas.”

Fan Reactions To Their Performance

This performance and their current relationship impressed the fans. One wrote:

“I love how they’re still on good terms and friends even though they’re not married anymore.”

Another one also shared the same opinion:

“Glad they’re still friends after their revenge’s albums.”

One other commenter added:

“Woowwwww one stage with ex-husband. You’re such a cool person! I don’t think I can be like her.”

What Did Deryck Say About The Relationship Before?

The couple married in 2006 when she was 21 and he was 26. According to some sources, they split in 2009 because Lavigne felt she was too young to be married. Whibley shared in a GQ interview that he faced fan backlash due to Lavigne’s pop star status. He stated:

“At our own shows, people would bring ‘Avril Sucks’ signs, They would tell me to my face how sh*t Avril’s music was and how lame it was that I was with a pop star. Music genres were so sacred back then. Nowadays, you can like Metallica and Taylor Swift. But back then, we couldn’t tour together or even play the same festivals, which meant we’d sometimes only get two days at home together between dates.”

Whibley also discussed the media pressure during his relationship with Avril:

“I was a teen in the Toronto suburbs at the time, and the news was covered by the national media with all the breathless glee of a royal wedding. It felt like the Canadian press just wanted a famous couple, and we happened to come along. No magazines were picking up photos of us in the US, but they were everywhere here [in Canada]. Our moms would call us and be like, ‘Oh, I saw you were out at such-and-such place,’ and we didn’t even know there had been paparazzi there. Living in LA, nobody gave a sh*t.”

Deryck married Ariana Cooper in 2015, and they have two young kids. Lavigne revealed on the Call Her Daddy podcast in May that she didn’t really date during her career but had serious relationships instead.

You can see Avril’s post here.