Avril Lavigne Names Blink-182 Songs That Shaped Her Musical Identity

Avril Lavigne appeared as a guest on the After School Radio show hosted by Mark Hoppus on Apple Music. She reflected on how working with Hoppus during her upcoming album was and revealed her favorite Blink-182 records.

As you may have heard, Avril Lavigne will be releasing her seventh studio album, ‘Love Sux,’ on February 25, 2022. The first single of the album ‘Bite Me’ dropped on November 10, 2021, and the second one, ‘Love It When You Hate Me,’ on January 14, 2022. It is publicly known that Lavigne has a close relationship with the Blink-182 members.

She actually signed on to Travis Barker’s label for her new album, DTA records. As Lavigne previously announced, the forthcoming album will also feature Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus. Lavigne and Hoppus collaborated on the song, ‘All I Wanted,’ in the album. During the conversation with Hoppus, Avril Lavigne showed her great admiration for him and stated that it was an incredible honor to work with him.

Lavigne revealed that Blink-182 is one of her favorite bands and talked about their albums, which hugely impacted her life. She highlighted that the band’s 1997 album, ‘Dude Ranch,’ and the 1999 album ‘Enema of the State’ are special to her as she would listen to them during her high school years. Avril added that those albums were definitely influential in shaping her musical identity.

Avril Lavigne is speaking on Blink-182 albums:

“I was really excited to work with you. I mean, to be honest, you’re one of my favorite artists. ‘Dude Ranch’ and ‘Enema Of The State’… were the records I was listening to in high school and as a teenager and I feel like they were really impactful on me as I was coming into my own musical identity.

So when I had the opportunity to work with you, which was over Zoom, which was different. I mean, I was so excited, and I was really impressed with how efficient you are in the studio. You write you record yourself, you can engineer, you sing, you’re playing, and so having you on the album is a huge honor for me. So I’m really excited about our collaboration.”

It seems like working with Mark Hoppus was like a ‘dream come true’ moment for Avril Lavigne as she emphasized how excited she was. Besides Lavigne, it is without question that the fans are also very enthusiastic about the upcoming album, which will be released roughly in a month.