Austin Butler Names The Elvis Presley Song He Struggled The Most

Most of you have probably seen dozens of Elvis Presley impersonations by now. Among these, Austin Butler’s recent performance was outstanding, and the actor was pretty good at convincing us that he ‘really’ was Elvis. Yet, of course, the preparation wasn’t all that easy. During his new conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, Butler revealed one of those most challenging moments.

“I mean, every one has a different challenge to it,” the young actor replied when asked about the most difficult Elvis Presley song to perform, as it was not that easy to choose. “‘Trouble,’ actually, this clip that you showed before, that was quite hard because of his movements in it.”

Butler continued, “So there are moments where you’re up on your toes, and what you don’t want when you’re singing is your vocal cords to be tight. So you’re having to figure out how to relax here while you’re exerting so much energy in the rest of your [performance]. That was also one of my favorites. Also, ‘Polk Salad Annie,’ I love that song. That was a blast.”

Playing such an iconic star that has probably been impersonated dozens of times is undoubtedly challenging. However, judging by the critical acclaim he later earned, Austin Butler seems to have gotten the job done right and delivered one of the best performances of Elvis.

In fact, on Tuesday, January 10, Austin Butler won the 2023 Golden Globe for best actor in a drama category for his performance as Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic. In his speech, the actor thanked Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley for their support. It is also known that Priscilla liked Austin’s performance very much.