Atlantic Records’ Former Talent Scout Accuses Late Ahmet Ertegun Of Sexual Harassment

A former Atlantic Records talent scout, Jan Roeg, recently accused the late Ahmet Ertegun of sexual harassment and misconduct and turned her claims into a legal battle. As reported by Rolling Stone, Roeg’s troubling claims didn’t only hold Ertegun accountable; she also accused Atlantic Records of not interfering with the abuse.

Jan Roeg reportedly worked with Ertegun from the early ’80s to the mid-2000s. Roeg had recently opened up about her claims and accused Ertegun of sexual harassment numerous times over the decades. Jan’s legal team has filed a lawsuit against Atlantic Records and Ertegun’s estate as she claimed that the sexual abuse had been going on for years and the label knew all about the harassment but did nothing to prevent it.

“[Atlantic] took a laissez-faire approach to sexual misconduct,” stated Roeg’s lawsuit. “Misogynistic and hostile sexual attitudes towards women, and harassment of women in its offices with a culture of abuse that has become famous in music business history.”

A representative of Jan’s legal team also argued Atlantic’s responsibility. “As Ms. Roeg shows in her complaint, the ‘sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll’ culture in the music industry at companies like Atlantic Records was taken as license by powerful men like Ahmet Ertegun to engage in sexual assault and other abuse of women.”

They continued, “Now, Ms. Roeg and other survivors of sexual assault who in past years were forced into silence due to the threat of retaliation or loss of their careers can get justice under the Adult Survivors Act. Ms. Roeg and we look forward to holding the Defendants accountable and finally getting some relief for her pain over the years.”

Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records also responded to these allegations and denied the previous statements, and Ertegun’s widow, Mica Ertegun’s attorney Rick Werder also released a statement. He stated, “Mr. Ertegun has been dead since 2006. Mrs. Ertegun is 96 years old. We haven’t seen a complaint. Any claim against Mrs. Ertegun is meritless and will be vigorously defended on her behalf.”

With both sides proposing their arguments, it seems like the legal battle will be extended. Roeg seems to be determined not to step back after years of silence, while Atlantic and the Ertegun estate also seem ready to deny any alleged misconduct. So, only time will tell how the legal battle will move forward.