Anthony Kiedis Says There Was Nothing That Josh Klinghoffer Did To Merit Being Fired

Red Hot Chili Peppers members recently joined an interview with Clash magazine and reflected on their long and remarkable careers. The band’s lead singer Anthony Kiedis revealed that Josh Klinghoffer did nothing that caused his dismissal, but they had a sense of change.

While RHCP’s classic lineup featured John Frusciante on guitar, the musician initially left the band in 1992 after achieving breakthrough success with their second album, ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik.’ Although he rejoined in 1998, he departed again in 2009 to concentrate on his solo career. Then, RHCP recruited Josh Klinghoffer to handle the guitar duties. After playing in the band for nearly ten years, Klinghoffer parted ways with RHCP when Frusciante decided to return to the band in 2019.

John Frusciante has been playing and recording with the band since then. However, Klinghoffer’s departure from RHCP left a question mark in the fans’ and music lovers’ minds. While talking about this issue in a new interview, Anthony Kiedis explained that there was nothing that Josh Klinghoffer did to deserve being dismissed from the band. The singer did justice to the guitarist by saying they are still together thanks to him.

Kiedis revealed that he, Flea, and Klinghoffer all felt the same about the idea of Frusciante rejoining the band. So, it just happened naturally. Then, Flea started to spend more time with Frusciante, and they discussed the perfect chemistry they had with each other. Flea stated that he and Frusciante had this emotional moment when they both felt how great it would be to play together again. The bassist trusted his instinct to part ways with Klinghoffer and carry on with Frusciante.

Anthony Kiedis’ words on Josh Klinghoffer’s departure:

There was nothing that he did to merit being fired. He was great, a very wonderful human being to co-exist with, and we wouldn’t be together today if it were not for Josh. There was some sort of psychic presence in the air.”

Flea continued:

“We both felt a powerful yearning to play with one another and had a very emotional connection on that subject one evening like a year before he came back that felt beautiful, and it felt like that was a great possibility. It was the right thing to do. The universe’s energy is always moving, and I just always feel it’s like you live life by trying to be the kind of person that’s present and aware and conscious enough to follow your heart and follow the light as it guides you as life moves, as opposed to like a preconceived idea or something.”

Then, Kiedis also said that when they reunited with Frusciante, they felt like all the personal issues they had in previous years had found a way to repair themselves to some point. They realized that making music together was a stronger urge than their conflicts.