Anthony Esposito On Ace Frehley’s Fear About Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons

Red Dragon Cartel bassist Anthony Esposito recently joined an interview with Jeff Onorato from Sleaze Roxx and reflected on his time in Ace Frehley’s solo band. The bassist also revealed how once Frehley feared Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

Ace Frehley had been a member of KISS since its inception in 1973. After contributing to nine studio albums, the guitarist departed from KISS in 1982 because of personal and creative disagreements with the group. Following his departure, Frehley continued performing with his solo band until rejoining KISS in 1996 for a reunion tour.

The band’s original drummer Peter Criss also joined the band on stage. It was a highly successful reunion tour with all four original members. KISS’ classic lineup stayed together after the road and recorded a new album titled ‘Psycho Circus.’ In late 2001, the guitarist again left the band after completing the ‘Farewell Tour.’ Frehley resumed his solo career and took the bassist Anthony Esposito to his team. Esposito served as his recording and touring bassist, tour manager, and music director until 2015.

The bassist revealed that Ace Frehley fired him over a case of beer. In one of their shows, Anthony Esposito put a case of beer on the rider, although he knew that Frehley was sober at the time. However, he thought the guitarist wouldn’t be with them on the bus since he would prefer flying. So he wouldn’t be tempted by beer.

Yet, Frehley was very angry with him when he saw the rider and gave Esposito a severe reprimand. The guitarist told him that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons could see the rider on the internet and think that he was back into drinking. Thus, it could’ve prevented him from getting back to KISS. Frehley was so furious that he couldn’t help firing Esposito.

Anthony Esposito’s words on Ace Frehley’s fear about Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons:

“Yeah, I got fired over a case of beer. Because I was tour managing, I was doing merch and musical director; I designed the stage sets. I pretty much put the setlist together and put the band together. And I had gotten tired of the guys in the crew and the band having to buy beer at the venue after the gig because Ace was sober. And Ace would never be on the bus; he would always fly. So, I put on the rider ‘a case of beer’ with the pizzas after load-out on the bus. I knew Ace would never be there, so it wasn’t like temptation on him.

And he got mad at me. He’s like, ‘Don’t you know they put those riders on the internet? Paul and Gene are going to see a case of Heineken on the rider and think that I’m drinking again, and then I’m not going to get back into KISS.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, I’m sorry. I should have asked.’ I shouldn’t have just put it on there. But a warning would have been nice after all that I did. He fired me over it. So, I was like, ‘Okay, you’re the boss. It’s your name up on the marquee. I get it.’ We’re still friends. We still text every once in a while.”

After leaving Ace Frehley’s solo band, Anthony Esposito joined Red Dragon Cartel in 2015 to replace their original bassist Jake E. Lee. He co-produced and co-wrote the band’s 2018 album, ‘Patina.’ The bassist’s tenure within the band has continued since then.