Ann Wilson Finally Breaks Silence On Charles Manson Relationship Rumors

In a recent episode of ‘The Totally 80s Podcast,’ Ann Wilson addressed rumors linking her and the band Heart to Charles Manson.

Wilson cleared the air on long-standing whispers surrounding Heart’s 1976 hit, ‘Magic Man.’ Some speculated that the song alluded to Charles Manson, claiming Ann and her sister Nancy were somehow associated with the Manson family. Clarifying the misconception, Ann mentioned:

“We were playing a festival in Pennsylvania, and somehow, the words started circulating that the magic man was Charles Manson; Nancy and I were part of his family, and all the money that Heart made was going to go to free Charlie.”

A Reddit post, for instance, voiced the rumors that the song was a nod to Manson’s family, bringing in claims about Dennis Wilson’s connection with Manson. Another user, however, corrected the narrative, noting that ‘Magic Man’ is a reflection of Ann’s relationship with Mike Fisher, the group’s original guitarist.

Apart from this rumor, the interview touched upon other challenges the band faced. Ann cited the example of a song which faced a ban in Ireland for its content:

“I think the next one that we laughed about was this song, ‘All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You,’ the Mutt Lange song, was banned in Ireland because it was just too forward. It was maybe about a woman who picks up a strange random man and just proceeds to- Well, you know, we can’t say it. Which is ridiculous, isn’t it? Because nothing happens in that song except sex!”

Nancy Wilson, in 2022, embarked on her own musical journey with ‘Nancy Wilson’s Heart,‘ primarily focusing on Heart’s classic repertoire during her tours. Meanwhile, Ann Wilson, along with her backing band Tripsitter, introduced listeners to their new album ‘Another Door‘ on September 29.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.