Angus Young Reveals Whether He And Axl Rose Ever Worked On Some New Music Together

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young spoke in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine and talked about the time when Axl Rose stood-in for Brian Johnson.

As you might remember, Brian Johnson stepped down from the band due to hearing issues in 2016, and the band decided to continue band’s Rock or Bust World Tour with Guns N Roses vocalist Axl Rose.

Also, Axl stated in the past that he considered making music together with Angus, and the interviewer asked a question about this statement to Angus if it did happen or not.

Even though Angus said that they had worked on it together and Axl had a lot of things that he was involved in, Angus rejected to call them music and revealed that nothing came out solid. Also, he clarified that they didn’t make any tracks together.

Interviewer asked:

“At the time, Axl said that he thought you and he might work on some music together. Did that ever come about?”

Angus Young replied:

“Nothing really came out solid. I know that he has a lot of things he’s involved in. I don’t even know if you would say it was music. But he had a lot of things that he was involved in.”

Interviewer said:

“He made it sound like he maybe wanted to write music together, the two of you. That’s why I was curious.”

Angus Young responded:

“No, no. That never happened.”

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