Angus Young Clarifies If He Ever Thinks AC/DC Came To An End


AC/DC co-founder and lead guitarist, Angus Young opened up whether he ever thought that AC/DC was close to the end during the times of turmoils, hiatus, the loss of beloved bandmates. Angus also talked about the future of the band in his interview with Billy Sloan on BBC Radio.

For almost forty years, AC/DC has been considered as one of the legendary rock bands with its popularity and commercial success. Although there were great tragedies and turmoils in the history of the band, they have always found a way to move on and continue producing new iconic works. At the beginning of the recording process of the band’s seventh studio album, ‘Back in Black,’ a great tragedy occurred.

The band’s lead vocalist, Bon Scott died of alcohol poisoning on February 20, 1980. After his death, the band members decided to disband AC/DC however they continued to produce with the help of the encouragement of the late vocalist’s parents. Brian Johnson was recruited as the new lead singer and the album was dedicated to Bon Scott.

Then, AC/DC members announced that they went into a short hiatus because of the current illness of the band’s co-founder and guitarist, Malcolm Young in 2014. Young was diagnosed with dementia and started his treatment. He sadly died due to the effects of his illness on November 18, 2017.

AC/DC’s latest album, ‘Power Up’ was a tribute to the late co-founder of the band. During a recent interview, Angus Young was asked to share if he ever thought to AC/DC came to an end in those difficult times they faced. Angus stated that he has never thought about the end of the band. Apparently, he was sure that there is always something to do with AC/DC and their legacy will never die. Yet, Angus also added that their decision about performing live and studio projects is still unknown.

Here’s what Angus Young told:

“No, I never did because I always knew there would be something to do with AC/DC. For myself, I’ve been there from the beginning with Malcolm, and I always knew there would be something, whether it be a record deal around and putting together tracks or other material that you might want to put out, or live stuff, or even some footage of filming and stuff.

So I always knew there would be something to do with AC/DC. But as a band, playing live and studio, that was a bit unknown. But I never really thought that that role would be an ending because I always thought even if this stopped, somebody’s still got to be able to carry the pieces, they’re going to look to someone to pick up the pieces of how it’s got to be looked after.”

You can listen to the interview below.

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