The Dispute That Got Settled After The Cars’ Ric Ocasek Died

In addition to grief and pain, the death of a loved one brings many other issues along. We get face to face with the wealth left behind by the dead one, and we have to hold the peace with several other family members while our eyes are still wet with tears. We just head for the will, thinking we can get what we deserve based on it.

Wills may be full of surprises, though. Especially if it’s that of a well-known face. Because the bigger the name is, the larger the fortune gets. So, naturally, it’s common to see confusing and complicated news and some disputes in the music industry after a famous musician’s death.

A similar type of controversy arose following the passing of the CarsRic Ocasek in 2019. Imagine finding out that you were fully excluded from his will right after losing your husband. This was exactly what Paulina Porizkova had experienced at the time. One morning, she woke up, checked out on his husband, and unexpectedly found his dead body. While she intended to mourn Ocasek’s loss in peace, the will he left shocked her.

The late musician stated in his will that Paulina and his two eldest sons were not to take a share of his inheritance. The reason why he excluded his sons, Chris and Adam, from the will became more clear in 2020 when they explained that the three of them practically had no relationship. Yet, he had no reason to exclude Paulina, according to her.

Even though they had declared that they had separated and were getting a divorce, Paulina and Ric remained under the same roof. Even after their separation, Paulina reportedly did not want to leave him alone. So, she stayed and was with him in his recovery process after the surgery he had. Accordingly, she was surprised to hear that her late husband left her out of his will by stating that she abandoned him.’ She expressed her situation at the time, speaking to the Originals podcast in 2021.

Porizkova said:

“It completely sideswiped me; I had no idea. … I didn’t know how to make heads or tails out of anything. The shock of finding him and the grief of him being dead and then, ‘Oh, guess what? You get no money. He didn’t want you to have [any] money, and he disinherited his two oldest sons.’ So, I was really messed up, and I won’t ever have the answers.”

She did not let it go after finding out about the will. She took legal action to get what she lawfully deserved from Ocasek’s inheritance, as the couple’s divorce process was yet to be completed when Ocasek died. Eventually, she won. Two years after everything, Porizkova revealed that she fairly received what ‘was hers.’ However, she refused to specify the amount.

In the same podcast, she explained:

“That [the amount] I cannot tell you, [but] I am gonna be fine. I am gonna be fine. … I settled last week. There you go. … I settled last week with the estate. They were very fair. They gave me what is mine under New York state law, and we’re done.”

Paulina Porizkova got shocked to find Ric Ocasek’s dead body in the house they shared, as it was fairly unexpected despite the recent surgery he had had. Things got worse for her when his will was revealed. Still not understanding what led Ocasek to exclude her from the will, Porizkova chose to take legal action to have a share of his inheritance. She eventually achieved her goal. Yet, this curious incident took its place in the history of the music industry.