Amy Lee’s Mission Impossible: Being Like Mozart And Beethoven


Amy Lee is mainly known as the frontwoman of the iconic rock band Evanescence, but she has other interests in making music. Apart from singing and songwriting, the rocker is a harpist and pianist. Moreover, Lee has a full-lyric mezzo-soprano vocal range.

Before being a rock star, Lee took classical piano lessons for around nine years. Moreover, the first songs she remembered writing were ‘Eternity Of The Remorse’ and ‘A Single Tear,’ the former of which was written when she was just 11 years old musician who wanted to become a classical composer.

In 2000, Amy Lee graduated from Pulaski Academy and briefly attended Middle Tennessee State University to study music theory and composition. However, she later had to drop out to move her focus entirely on Evanescence. As it seems, Lee always wanted to achieve an impossible thing during her career, being a composer like Mozart or Beethoven.

Why Did Amy Lee Want To Be A Classical Composer?


In a 2017 interview with Smashing Interviews magazine, Amy Lee remembered when she first took an interest in music. The musician revealed that she initially didn’t see herself as a singer, but she knew she wanted to make music from an early age.

The Evanescence lead said she got inspired and wanted to take piano lessons to be a composer. According to the rock icon, she wanted to be a serious classical composer like Mozart, Beethoven, or Danny Elfman. However, Lee said this was impossible at that time, but this was her real wish regarding her professional music career once.

In the interview with Smashing Interviews magazine, Amy Lee said the following:

“I didn’t see myself as a singer, especially, right away. But I honestly knew I wanted to make music from a really young age. I got really inspired. I really wanted to take piano lessons. I really wanted to be a composer. I wanted to be like a very serious, classical, Mozart-style composer or like Beethoven or Danny Elfman, which is funny because that’s impossible. But that was my real wish, to make music.”

Amy Lee wished to be a classical composer just like Beethoven or Mozart, and she made several moves to go forward on that path. However, she later realized that this was impossible. Instead, she focused on her career with Evanescence and applied her classical influences to her music with the band.