Roger Waters Says Jon Bon Jovi Is A Frontman Of A Pop Group

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd recently posted a video on his X, in which he asserted that Bon Jovi is a pop band.

In the video, Waters intended to share an open letter addressed to the American broadcaster and media personality Howard Stern. He mentioned that he had written the letter a few years ago and explicitly stated that he had listened to Stern’s response. Waters clarified that the original letter was written to Jon Bon Jovi, whom he referred to as both a ‘person and a pop group.’

Throughout the video, Waters repeated his characterization of Jon Bon Jovi as a pop band:

“A few years ago, I wrote an open letter to Howard Stern. I don’t know if he’s still a well-known personality on American radio, but he may well be. It was in response to his response to a letter that I’d written to Bon Jovi, who is a person and a pop group who at the time were visiting Tell Aviv to play their rock and roll.”

Why Waters Wrote An Open Letter For Bon Jovi

Roger Waters wrote an extensive open letter to Bon Jovi in 2015, criticizing the band in anticipation of their October 3rd concert in Tel Aviv. The former Pink Floyd bassist accused Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates of aligning themselves ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Israel.

As a response to the letter, Stern strongly criticized Waters, where the bassist expressed disapproval of the band’s decision to perform in Israel. The broadcaster ranted about the topic for seven minutes and eventually got to the point where he said:

“What is with Roger Waters and the Jews?”

After the band’s performance in the country, Roger Waters refrained from making any additional comments on Bon Jovi, and there has been no response from Jon Bon Jovi regarding the claims made by Waters.

You can listen to the whole video below.