Amy Lee Says Freddie Mercury Was Her Favorite Vocalist Of All Time


Evanescence’s Amy Lee recently spoke to Revolver and picked Queen’s iconic frontman Freddie Mercury as the greatest singer of all time.

Freddie Mercury was a highly-influential singer who achieved global fame with Queen. Numerous sources have continuously cited Mercury as among the most successful singers in the history of rock. The late rocker was also known for his flamboyant persona, four-octave vocal range, and theatrical stage performances.

Mercury inspired many other musicians in various genres with his distinctive style and unique stage presence. As it seems, the Queen icon was also an inspirational figure for Evanescence’s Amy Lee. Speaking to Revolver to reveal her favorite singers, Lee expressed Mercury’s importance to her.

Lee stated that she would have to start with Freddie Mercury because he is among the most extraordinary vocalists of all time. According to Amy Lee, Mercury was an unbelievable rock vocalist with perfect pitch, strength, and power behind his voice. After that, the Evanescence singer also revealed Mercury’s most exciting and unique ability.

The frontwoman noted that the Queen frontman could sing like an opera singer, so he applied this talent to Queen’s music and introduced it to rock. As Lee said, Mercury was very inspirational for her, and she can gladly listen to him all day long.

Here is what Amy Lee said about Freddie Mercury:

“I think we have to start with Freddie Mercury and go ahead and get that out of the way. Freddie Mercury is one of the most hands-down amazing vocalists of all time. As a rock vocalist, [he is] just incredible, [he] nails it. Perfect pitch, strength, and power behind the voice; it’s all there.

But what’s interesting and unique about Freddie Mercury is he had the ability to be like an opera singer if he wanted to. I think that he knew that. So, [he] applied that into their music and brought some of that inspiration of something big, grand, classical, and huge in a different world into rock. And that in itself is very inspirational to me. Freddie Mercury is just an incredible, one-of-a-kind voice that I could listen to all day.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.