Amy Lee Responds To Criticism About The Time Between Evanescence Records

Evanescence’s latest offering, ‘The Bitter Truth,’ came out in 2021, four years after their last album, ‘Synthesis.’ Considering the long gaps between the band’s albums, Amy Lee talked about the criticism they received from fans and explained the reason behind their extended recording schedule in a recent interview with Triple M.

Talking about how people reacted to the long waits between albums, she said:

“People kinda like to give us sh–t for taking a lot of time in between records, and there is always pressure to hurry up and ‘strike while the iron is hot.’ All these record label terms. It’s not untrue, but for me, I have had a chance in between each album to allow myself the idea that maybe that was it, and signed myself from scratch, you know, who am I? What do I care about? Like, who am I now?”

Sure, waiting for a new Evanescence album can feel like forever. But for Amy, these gaps are not just downtime, she continued:

And every single time, it has truly, from a real place, led me back to Evanescence. My love for it, and my, you know, fight like it’s just – ‘It’s worth the fight!’ You know. That is really me! It’s not %100 the whole me, but it is a huge part of who I really am, and I wasn’t just a character the first time that we did it. It’s the real me, and it’s worth fighting for. It’s something that just only becomes more real over time. It’s hard to explain.”

In a 2020 interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio, Lee echoed these thoughts while talking about the release date of ‘The Bitter Truth’ by stating::

“I like to have an open mind about what I can be and what I can do in life. I love the music I’ve made with this band, and there are times that I have been more excited about it and passionate about it and in love with and wanting to pour into it than others. Sometimes you have to get away from it. It’s such a full saturation.”

Currently, Evanescence are gearing up for their Australian tour that will kick off this summer. The five-date trek will be in honor of the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut album, ‘Fallen.’ They will also take the stage in Germany for Rock im Park and Rock am Ring, as well as in other countries like France and Japan.