Amy Lee And Lzzy Hale Share The Story Of How They First Met


During a recent interview with Pollstar, Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee and Halestorm lead singer Lzzy Hale looked back at the time when they first met each other. Apparently, the two rock stars felt an instant connection when they were introduced back in 2012 during a rock tour named ‘Carnival of Madness.’

As many of you know, Amy Lee and Lzzy Hale have had a beautiful and supportive friendship for years now and the two rockers represent the ultimate female rock musicians’ spirit in every single interview. The duo has even worked together and released a track named ‘Break In’ which was originally a track from Halestorm’s second studio album, ‘The Strange Case Of…’

In addition to ‘Break In,’ Lzzy Hale joined Amy Lee for the vocals of Evanescence’s third single ‘Use My Voice’ from the band’s fifth studio album, ‘The Bitter Truth,’ which was released in March 2021. Their fans love seeing them working together as the two often collaborate during live performances and show the world how two successful female rockers can support each other through music.

Although the frontwomen have been friends for years now, they only recently revealed how and when their friendship started. Apparently, Amy Lee and Lzzy Hale first met while touring for ‘Carnival of Madness’ which was an annual rock tour that lasted from 2010 to 2016. However, in the 2012 ‘Carnival of Madness,’ the lineup included both Halestorm and Evanescence.

According to the Halestorm frontwoman, she and Amy Lee became best friends on day one and it was like finding her soulmate in the music industry. While touring, two rockers started performing together and spending time backstage which strengthened their friendship. The two even mentioned collaborating on a song during the rock festival and how they worked on ‘Break In’ and ‘Use My Voice’ later on.

Lzzy Hale’s statement follows:

“Yeah, the first and only time we were both on a full-fledged tour was that ‘Carnival of Madness’ tour. We had a lot of mutual friends, and they’d talked to me, like, ‘Have you ever met Amy?’ No, I hadn’t, but from the first day on that tour, we became best friends. It was, for me, finding that kindred spirit in this business.
We started singing together on that tour. I remember she came into the dressing room, I think it was the second or third day on tour, and says, ‘Hey, you do this little piano breakdown thing, I love that song but nobody does the harmonies.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m not going to make my guys do the harmonies.’ So we were joking about this and she says, ‘Could I come out and do harmonies?’ I said, ‘Girl, you’re Amy. Do you want to do the whole song? Just let me know!’ She said, ‘I want to be your backing singer!’ It was amazing!”
In addition to the Halestorm singer, Amy Lee also revealed her own opinion about their friendship during the interview. According to the Evanescence vocalist, having a woman like Lzzy Hale in her life is incredibly unique and special since there aren’t many female rockers out there. Furthermore, every time they see each other after a long break they pick up where they left off which makes their bond precious and beautiful.

Amy Lee praised Hale:

“A lot of my friends usually come from other areas of my life than work. It’s not like there are that many other rock females. It’s so rare and special to have women like Lzzy in my life. That’s the beautiful thing about being involved in touring life is your family and friends, lifelong golden humans that you meet out here, every time you see each other, you pick up right where you left off.”

You can listen to ‘Break In’ and ‘Use My Voice’ down below.