Amy Lee Shares Her Opinions On Working With Lzzy Hale And Taylor Momsen On The New Evanescence Album

Evanescence frontwomen Amy Lee opened up about the importance of having a female representation during a recent interview with Louder Sound in addition to revealing her opinions about working with Halestorm frontwomen Lzzy Hale and The Pretty Reckless frontwomen Taylor Momsen.

As many of you know, Evanescence released a brand new track named ‘Use My Voice’ back in August 2020, the track follows singles ‘Wasted On You’ and ‘The Game Is Over,’ both taken from the upcoming studio album, ‘The Bitter Truth’ which has an unknown release date.

The song also features Halestorm frontwomen Lzzy Hale and The Pretty Reckless frontwomen Taylor Momsen which makes it a powerhouse when it comes to empowering women and supporting all females. In addition to this, the music video of the song includes a guest appearance from Lzzy Hale.

During a recent interview, Amy Lee opened up about having all the other strong female vocalists in Evanescence’s brand new single, ‘Use My Voice,’ and apparently, it was all about women supporting other women from the start. Both Lzzy Hale and Taylor Momsen excepted Lee’s offer to sing the song and Lee felt humbled the moment they both agreed to do such a thing.

Here is what Lee said:

“From the get-go, it was like women supporting women, in a way that’s not typical for me. I don’t like to go for outside help on Evanescence music; it’s always been a source of pride to say that we write our own songs. It was just a moment where I was like, ‘Well, rules are dumb sometimes.’ It had a part where it felt like it needed to be a group of women, making a call for strength, empowerment, and unity. I have so many badass, strong women in my life. I just got my real girlfriends together and it was so beautiful and humbling to see them all eagerly say yes and throw their voice down however they could. Most of them recorded themselves and sent it to me. Lzzy and Deena live in Nashville too, so they were able to come to the studio. Every time I sing the song, I see them and think about what it means for women to support each other and how much we need each other.”

You can click here to see the source and listen to ‘Use My Voice’ below.

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