Alice Cooper: ‘You Retire, You Expire’

Alice Cooper pioneered shock rock with his extravagant performances, including using a guillotine, live snakes, straightjacket, and the gallows. The performer has done it all, and he is in no rush to leave the spotlight anytime soon. The singer shared on the red carpet of this year’s Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony that he has no desire to retire as he believes your shelf-life expires the minute you take a step back from the limelight.

The rocker attending the induction ceremony that featured his dear friends Judas Priest was asked whether he would like to perform with Rob on stage. “I’m going to let Rob do everything, the shock-rocker said. “I’ve just got out of 90 cities.” The frontman has been on the road almost consecutively since 2021. He recently wrapped up his fall 2022 tour, expected to return on the road again in 2023.

Cooper also mentioned that he is nowhere near ready or willing to retire. He said, “You retire, you expire. That’s what my mom always says.” The 74-year-old singer still has the energy and drive to keep going. He is aware that there is no going back once he does retire, so he tries to enjoy every minute he has with his fans on tour.

Even though most artists in his status decide to retire and focus on other things, Cooper isn’t planning to stop his touring days anytime soon. It looks like there are still many tours left in him to give his fans, who have supported him through all the years he has been a part of the metal scene.