Alice Cooper Picks His Favorite Dolly Parton Song

Dolly Parton recently became the center of attention after being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. While the debate about whether she is a rocker continues, Alice Cooper joined Pollstar to share his favorite song by the singer.

I really like the story of ‘Jolene,’” said Alice Cooper when asked about his favorite song by Parton. “I can’t remember another song where a woman speaks to a rival and lays her emotions and feelings out there like that. That song is heart-wrenching, powerful, and very clever. And – if you haven’t listened to that song at 33.5 speed, you absolutely should – it is even better!”

‘Jolene’ is about a woman confronting another woman who she worries will steal her husband. According to Dolly Parton’s statements, the song is based on an actual event. While revealing ‘Jolene’ is his favorite song, Alice Cooper also praised Parton for having the courage to confront her rival and express her feelings.

When she was announced as a nominee for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Dolly Parton doubted whether she deserved the spot as a country musician. She even wanted to step back as she didn’t have a rock album. However, Dolly changed her mind after some time and decided to make a rock album to earn the title ‘rock star.’

During last week’s Hall Of Fame ceremony, Dolly Parton played the new song she wrote for the event, titled ‘Rockin’.’ After the song, she performed her hit ‘Jolene’ with numerous rockers accompanying her on stage, including Rob Halford, Simon LeBon, and Dave Stewart. As it turns out, ‘Jolene’ is also Alice Cooper’s favorite Parton song, so he must have enjoyed their performance.