Alex Skolnick Appreciates Yngwie Malmsteen’s Whip-Smart Attitude

Yngwie Malmsteen talked about his playing style in an interview in 2012 and gave an iconic answer to one of the questions. His response has come to light again in a recent Twitter post shared by Alex Skolnick. Including a clip of Malmsteen’s interview, he expressed his opinion about his words.

Malmsteen’s playing style is greatly appreciated by his fans and names from the industry. Yet, based on his words, some producers were worried that it could be a bit ‘too much’ and tried to intervene with it. In a previous interview, the musician stated that while he was at the studio recording for an album, he was suggested to slow down by a producer because ‘less is more.’ He refused to comply with that idea and answered ‘more is more.’

In the interview, Malmsteen expressed his logic as follows:

“The second one I did was Alcatrazz; I decided on the producer in there, and he kept on telling me to slow down. He said, ‘Hey, slow down. Remember, less is more.’ I always said, ‘How can that be? How could less be more? It’s impossible. More is more.’ You know, simple… simple logic.”

His answer has received different kinds of reactions. Some of them might have been negative, but apparently, Alex Skolnick’s was not. Malmsteen’s answer apparently amused him. In the tweet, the guitarist mentioned his admiration for the guitarist yet also added that he finds his attitude and answer amusing in a Tufnelian way.’

Skolnick’s tweet on the matter read:

“I admire and appreciate Yngwie, but it’s hard not to find this sidesplitting funny, in a Tufnelian way: ‘Less is more? How can that be? More is more!’”

The Swedish musician is obviously devoted to his own style and does not believe in the idea of ‘less is more.’ While Alex Skolnick admires his music style and devotion, he can’t help getting amused by the ironic answer Malmsteen gave to the producer. Skolnick clearly appreciates the guitarist’s whip-smart attitude as much as his music.