Alan Parsons Details His Experience Of Working With Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, as you know, did not leave the music scene after the Beatles broke up and continued his solo career. Even though his time with the Beatles made a more impact, he was predominantly solo in the music scene. Alan Parsons had the opportunity to work with Paul McCartney during both periods and saw McCartney both as a team member and a solo artist. In an interview with Rock History Music, he was asked to make a comparison as someone who has seen both.

I don’t think so,” he replied when asked whether McCartney was a different person in those two distinct periods of his life. Alan shared, “I obviously knew him much better when I was working with him as a solo artist. When I worked with the Beatles, I was, you know, that’s just a day of operation to pay to keep his mouth shut.”

The musician continued, praising Paul McCartney’s unique musical abilities, “But I enjoyed working with Paul a great deal, and to this day, I recognize he’s one of the most talented musicians on earth, really is, amazing guy.”

Alan Parsons has had a successful, lengthy career in the music business. He got a job at Abbey Road Studios at the age of 18, the place where some of the most historic moments in rock history took place. As an assistant engineer on the Beatles’ final two albums, ‘Abbey Road’ in 1969 and ‘Let It Be’ in 1970, one can say that he started his career working with the top acts.

His career, which started strong, continued like that, as after the Beatles, he worked with Jeff Beck and Roy Wood, engineered Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ and produced Pilot, Al Stewart, and Ambrosia, among other artists. He also assisted on a few early Paul McCartney albums, ‘Wild Life’ and ‘Red Rose Speedway.’ Parsons, who had the chance to observe McCartney during his Beatles and solo era closely, seems to like both McCartney personas.