Glenn Frey’s Denial About His Relationship With Don Henley

Choosing the right bandmates is as important as choosing which songs to compose. For instance, GN’R’s history is filled with personal disputes and creative differences. Even though the band now might seem at peace, carrying on their musical journey, there were times when Axl accused Slash of sabotage, and Slash returned the favor by recalling the time when the frontman gave an unrighteous ultimatum.

Another relationship where bandmates have complicated dynamics is Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, as the iconic pair has a famous love-hate relationship. There was even a time when Charlie Watts punched Jagger in the face, and Richards wrote about it with delight in his memoir since things weren’t the best with Mick at the time.

So, it is not surprising to find out that the Eagles are among the bands who love to fight with one another. The band’s history is filled with personal disagreements and artistic differences. The complicated relationship between Glenn Frey and Don Henley is also well-known. However, Frey seemed to be in denial about the pair’s bond.

The Eagles’ history might be complex regarding the personal relationships between bandmates, but luckily, we’re not here for a history lesson. So, maybe it would be just enough to say that the band had differences with some stormy controversies in the past, including the time when Frey threatened to kill Don Felder.

However, Frey’s only complicated relationship wasn’t with Felder, as the frontman also had his differences with Don Henley. The rocker was known to argue and fight with Henley numerous times, whether it was a matter of personal disagreement or a creative difference. Their relationship was quite similar to those of Axl and Slash or Mick and Keith.

The pair was the primary figures of the Eagles. Though they would cooperate on songwriting and share the duties, there was a bit of a creative rivalry between the two. There was a time when Henley considered some of Frey’s solo works to be cheesy. There were also instances when the pair argued over artistic differences.

However, when Frey was a guest at the Tavis Smiley Show in 2012, the frontman denied bad blood between him and Henley. He talked about the period when the Eagles broke up and also reflected on his relationship with Henley. To Frey, they had a great relationship, and there was no problem.

“When the Eagles broke up, people used to ask me and Don, ‘When are the Eagles getting back together?’ We used to answer, ‘When Hell freezes over,’” told Frey as he addressed his relationship with Henley. “We thought it was a pretty good joke. People have the misconception that we were fighting a lot. It is not true. We had a lot of fun. We had a lot more fun than I think people realize.”

To Frey, Henley was like a brother to him, and brothers would often fight. Even though it was known that the drummer and the frontman would hurt each other a lot due to their constant arguments over creative differences, Frey decided to deny the rocky relationship between him and Henley.