When Charlie Watts Punched Mick Jagger In The Face

Since substance consumption might harm memory, many rockers have experienced problems with recalling old times. Liam Gallagher, for instance, had discussed his failing memory as the rocker revealed that he couldn’t remember anything due to his past intense interaction with substances. His brother Noel, however, could retain any detail from memories.

Gallagher also made an honorary mention to Keith Richards, a famous addict, who had published his memoir, ‘Life,’ a few years back. Liam jokingly questioned how Richards could remember 40-year-old memories while he couldn’t even recall what had happened last night. To the former Oasis frontman, who called the guitarist’s memoir ‘full of sh*t,’ it was impossible for Keith to write an autobiography.

Perhaps, there was some truth to Gallagher’s words since one might wonder how Richards might have such a great memory with his past substance issues, but looking on the brighter side of the events, his memoir had presented the Rolling Stones fans a treasure.

The guitarist wrote about the numerous mischiefs his bandmates had, and on one particular mention, he disclosed how drummer Charlie Watts had punched frontman Mick Jagger in the face with a great right hook.

Mick Jagger could be a complicated person, or at least, this is what we learned from Keith Richards’ book. The frontman’s relationship with Keith was also complex, as the pair had an interesting dynamic where they were either best friends or sworn rivals. However, it seemed that the only person Mick annoyed wasn’t Keith.

The guitarist recalled a period when his relationship with Jagger wasn’t the best. At the time, he and Mick had just returned from a night out in Amsterdam to their hotel at five in the morning. Then, Mick thought it would be great to ring Charlie as he picked up the phone.

Keith recalled protesting Jagger not to disturb Watts since it was five a.m., but Jagger was determined to call the drummer by asking, ‘Where’s my drummer?‘ When Watts didn’t respond, however, Jagger hung up. The two were hanging out in their room when the door knocked twenty minutes later.

“There was Charlie Watts,” wrote Keith as he recalled opening the door. “Savile Row suit, perfectly dressed, tie, shaved, the whole f*cking bit. I could smell the cologne.” He continued, “I opened the door, and he didn’t even look at me. He walked straight past me, got hold of Mick, and said, ‘Never call me your drummer again.’ Then he hauled him up by the lapels and gave him a right hook.”

Richard said that Watts had hit Mick so hard that the frontman fell back onto the silver plate of smoked salmon on the table and began to slide down from the window to the canal below their room. Keith stated that he had thought Watts’ punch was a good one until he realized Jagger was wearing his wedding jacket.

The guitarist recalled, “I grabbed hold of it [the jacket] and caught Mick just before he slid into the Amsterdam canal. It took me twenty-four hours after that to talk Charlie down. I thought I’d done it when I took him up to his room, but twelve hours later, he was saying, ‘F*ck it, I’m gonna go down and do it again.’ It takes a lot to wind that man up.”

Watts couldn’t deal with Jagger’s ‘majesty’ personality and didn’t hesitate to punch the frontman when he wanted to. However, this didn’t damage his relationship with Mick since the pair went on to work with one another until Watts’ death. The complicated dynamics of the Rolling Stones might puzzle us, but perhaps, the complex relations of these troubling bandmates had a hand in making them so iconic.