David Crosby Shares His Theory About The JFK Assassination

The Byrds and CSNY icon David Crosby recently answered fan questions on his Ask Croz chapter on Rolling Stone and revealed his theory on the assassination of John. F. Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, is one of the most significant historical events. Kennedy was shot fatally by Lee Harvey Oswald from Texas School Book Depository while riding in his motorcade through Dealey Plaza. However, many believe this wasn’t an assassination but a conspiracy.

During Crosby’s tenure with the Byrds, they issued a reworded version of the traditional folk song ‘He Was A Friend Of Mine.’ Jim McGuinn rewrote the song’s lyrics to lament the assassination of John F. Kennedy. While performing the song at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, Crosby made some controversial remarks, claiming Kennedy was shot from several directions.

In the latest chapter of Rolling Stone’s Ask Croz, a fan named Chris Starr asked Crosby whether his thoughts about Kennedy’s assassination had changed. Crosby stated he still thinks the same and claimed Kennedy was shot from two different directions by more than one person. Explaining the reasons supporting his claims, Crosby said there are no questions in his mind.

According to Crosby, the film ‘Executive Action’ portrays the truth and is very close to what actually happened that day. He then argued that Kennedy pissed off racists and addressed the ones who believed Kennedy was messing with the oil depletion allowance. Moreover, Crosby added that the 35th president of the US was killed because he was unpopular with the power structure.

In Rolling Stone‘s Ask Croz chapter, one of his fans named Chris Starr asked Crosby the following:

“You famously ranted about the Kennedy assassination being a conspiracy at the Monterey Pop festival; after 50-plus years of investigations and research, has anything changed your outlook?”

Crosby then responded:

Absolutely not. Kennedy was shot by more than one person from two different directions. You can tell if you watch the ‘Zapruder’ film. I’ve been to Dealey Plaza in Dallas. If you look at the range from the little knoll and the wooden fence to where the car was, I could have hit him with a pistol from there, let alone a rifle.

Now, the guy in the switchyard that goes over the freeway, who was near the freeway, said he saw a guy with a rifle come from behind that fence. He also got killed. Several people got killed afterward.”

He continued:

“The movie ‘Executive Action’ tried very hard to portray what happened. I think it is probably very close to the truth. They did try very hard to keep it from coming out. I think it is very close to what actually happened. There’s no question in my mind.

Kennedy pissed off a lot of people. Some racists felt he was giving the country away to Black people. Some people felt he was f*cking with the oil depletion allowance, which is a freebie the oil companies get because they’re eventually going to run out of oil. I don’t know how they got that through.

The must-have bought some senators and got that one. But he was messing with it. He was unpopular with the power structure, and that’s why he got killed. I mean, Oswald shot at him. That’s not what killed him. I’m firmly convinced that I’m right. I’ve seen nothing to contradict that opinion.”

You can listen to David Crosby’s speech at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and the song ‘He Was A Friend Of Mine.’