Adam Lambert Supports Lil Nas X For Kissing A Male Dancer During His Live Performance

Queen + Adam Lambert lead vocalist Adam Lambert has recently shared both his photo from American Music Awards 2009 and Lil Nas X’s photo of kissing a man on the stage from BET Awards 2021 to celebrate Pride Month on his Instagram account. He drew attention to the change in the people’s perspectives and in their reactions to the similar performances he and Lil Nas X had.

Adam Lambert as an openly gay artist always supported the freedom of the LGBTQ+ community and he reacted the society’s discriminative perspective toward them during his iconic live performances. Lambert kissed one of his male band members during his performance at American Music Awards 2009. Following his performance, he faced a fierce backlash which nearly destroyed his career.

Lil Nas X followed the bold steps of Adam Lambert and he also kissed a male dancer during his recent performance of ‘Montero (Call Me by Your Name)’ at BET Awards 2021. Lil Nas X’s passionate kiss with the male dancer received positive and supportive comments from other celebrities and fans on social media, unlike the reactions that Lambert had to face years ago.

In his recent Instagram Stories, Adam Lambert showed his support to Lil Nas X and drew attention to the change in the people’s perspectives toward the LGBTQ+ community by posting photos from their iconic performances as a celebration of Pride Month shared by a fan. Adam also paid tribute to all the proud people like him in the music industry by supporting the remarks of his fan who emphasized that there are still many things to be done for LGBTQ+ people.

Adam Lambert fan’s Instagram Story read:

“Sure, I am biased but feeling hella queer and proud to see how far we’ve come. Socially and legally. Still, lots to do but today I’m celebrating these fierce queens and every person who has stood proud in this weird-ass business. Happy Pride.”

You can see the photos and watch the performances below.

Photo Credit: Adam Lambert – Instagram Stories