George Lynch Admits Having Anxiety About Dokken Shows

Opening up about his anxiety during his time with Dokken, George Lynch demonstrated that even big names could experience stress on stage. He explained in an interview with the Cooper Talks podcast:

“I used to do this thing on stage where — I haven’t done it in many, many, many years — but regularly I would hyperventilate on stage, to the point of passing out and going to the hospital.”

The guitarist delved into the reason for his anxiety:

“On big stages with Dokken all the time. And it was very worrisome. Because I would get myself so wound up that I had to prove myself: ‘This is my one shot to kind of breakthrough out of anonymity and poverty and prove that I matter and have something to say.’ And I would go out there, and I wouldn’t breathe, and my arms would stiffen up. And I didn’t play well. “

After revealing he felt the need to prove himself, Lynch explained how it feels in the present:

“Nowadays I’m relaxed. I’ve got a little bit of money in the bank. The walls are not collapsing in around me. I’m gonna be okay. We’re gonna be okay. My family’s okay. I have multiple projects. I have lots of friends that I play with and do different things. And we play with music; it’s not this do-or-die thing. And we’re very passionate about it, and I always do my best work, but I just learned to get out of my own way.”

His successful years with Dokken and Lynch Mob seem to have made a great difference for the guitarist. Lynch further discussed his escape from anxiety:

“And that was a giant, giant lesson for me. And that came with security. And that security came from money. So when people say money doesn’t matter, I say, yeah, it does. Up to a point.”

You can reach the full interview below.