Ron McGovney Displays Rare Pictures From Metallica’s First Live Concert Which Started The Rock History

Former bassist of Metallica, Ron McGovney shared some rare photos related to the very first live show of Metallica which included the poster of the show and the garage that their gear was loaded.

Thrash metal’s legendary band Metallica was founded by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich back in 1981. Ron McGovney was the original bassist of the iconic thrash metal band Metallica. Ron performed with the band between the years of 1981 and 1982, however, his short time in Metallica included the continuous clash with the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Dave Mustaine. Eventually, McGovney left the band and replaced by Cliff Burton.

Recently on Twitter, Ron shared some unseen pictures regarding the very first live performance of Metallica. One of the pictures that the bassist posted is the poster of Metallica’s live shows in Radio City on March 14 and Woodstock on March 26, 1982.

The other picture McGovney posted displayed the garage that Metallica members loaded their gears in the 1969 Ford pickup which was owned by Ron’s father. He stated that Metallica’s very first live show was within 20 miles of distance in Anaheim. The original bassist of the band further suggested that the story of that particular show now constitutes rock history.

Here is what Ron McGovney stated in his tweet about Metallica’s first live show:

3-14-82. Norwalk, California. On this date 39 years ago, Metallica loaded our gear in my father’s 1969 Ford pickup from the single garage in the photo. The very first live show was in Anaheim about 20 miles away. The rest of the story is rock history.

You can see the tweet Ron McGovney posted on his Twitter account below.