Adam Lambert Says He Doesn’t Want To Let Queen Fans Down With A New Song


Adam Lambert recently talked about the long-going question of whether he and Queen will release new music together. In the interview, he stated that he is unsure because he doesn’t want to let any Queen fans down.

Adam Lambert is known to be one of the most influential vocalists of this decade and has been performing with Queen under the name Queen + Adam Lambert since 2011. Their performances are highly demanded and enjoyed by both Queen, and Adam Lambert fans as Lambert has repeatedly shown that he could handle Freddie’s vocals.

However, someone else standing where Freddie once stood has always been a sensitive subject for the band and their fans. Therefore, they stated multiple times that not anyone, including Lambert, is replacing Freddie. However, because their shows are very enjoyable, the band and the musician have stuck together for 11 years.

The question about whether this collaboration would release songs has been roaming around since they started working together. There have been rumors that Brian May and Lambert created a song together, but May backed out from releasing it. Apparently, they are still unsure if they should take this step together or not. According to Lambert’s recent interview, his uncertainty comes from the fear of ‘disappointing’ Queen fans. He talked about it with the pop star Boy George, who encouraged him to release the song.

Here is what Boy George said:

“But it would be good, as a music fan. What you are, and they are together is beautiful anyway.”

To which Adam Lambert responded:

“It definitely… it could be great. I know Brian’s gone down the route of wondering about it. He and I are on the same page. But what is it, really? Is it Queen?”

George said exclaimed:

“It’s the essence of Queen! When I do a drawing of someone, I don’t copy exactly what’s there. I want the essence of the person. It’s not for me to say, but you’re amazing, they’re amazing – it can only be amazing.”

And Adam replied:

“Of course, that’s the most positive, idealistic way of looking at it. I love that. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to let anybody down, to fall short of what a brand-new Queen song would sound like.”

While Lambert stated his uncertainty, Boy George probably reflected many fans’ thoughts. Their collaboration has been a great success so far, so there isn’t much chance they would disappoint with their creations. However, it seems like the fans will be waiting a bit longer until May and Lambert make up their minds.