Adam Lambert Admits Overcompensating To Prove He Deserved The Queen Gig

Brian May was more than sure that Adam Lambert was the best choice to fill in for Freddie Mercury. However, it turns out that Lambert wasn’t sure he could handle this initially. During a recent episode of the Happy Place podcast, the singer revealed he made tremendous efforts to prove himself as a member of Queen.

“With the Queen thing,” Adam Lambert said, “the expectation was so high, and comparisons were there. We’ve been working together for ten years, so it’s definitely gone through its own journey, but in the beginning, it was like… I had to overcompensate. I was up there, going, ‘I deserved to be there; let me show you!’ And I worked really hard. I still work really hard on stage, but one of the difficult things is that you’re on tour, and you want to deliver at the same level every night.”

He continued, “If some night you feel a little bit off, down, or not have as much energy, you start beating yourself up. That’s a big part of it. I think early on with the Queen stuff and touring on my own with all the things I already was dealing with, the other thing I was using to deal with it, probably incorrectly, was alcohol. I was drinking too much. I have friends that are sober; I’m familiar with the program; I talk to people about it. It never got to the point where I felt I was out of control.”

When asked whether he drinks before, after, or during a show, Lambert said, “During. On the one hand, I can rationalize it like, ‘It’s a little rock and roll to have a couple of cocktails and do a rock show.’ It adds a vibe, but I think it’s just a fine line of how much is too much.”

Following Freddie Mercury’s tragic passing, the remaining members of Queen, except John Deacon, decided to move on to carry on his legacy. They are now working with Adam Lambert as ‘Queen + Adam Lambert,’ but it’s always challenging to take the stage and perform Queen songs. Apparently, Lambert has worked hard to deserve his spot and has even used alcohol to cope with the stress. However, Brian May believes he is a gift from God.