Iron Maiden’s Singer Who’s Also A Pilot: Bruce Dickinson And The Details Of His Net Worth In 2021

As a multitalented musician, Bruce Dickinson has been pursuing a successful career both as the Iron Maiden lead singer and a licensed pilot for a long time. So, with the help of his various careers, he becomes the richest member of Iron Maiden with a very high net worth. 

Bruce Dickinson started his musical career by performing with small pub bands during his college education. Later, Dickinson became very popular as Bruce Bruce when he joined a new wave heavy metal band, Samson in 1979. After performing in two studio albums of Samson, ‘Survivors’ and ‘Head On,’ he quitted the band to be the lead singer of Iron Maiden as a replacement of Paul Di’Anno.

He joined the band in 1981 and took place in Iron Maiden’s third studio album ‘The Number of the Beast’ which was released on March 22, 1982, along with other albums of the band until his departure. Dickinson left Iron Maiden to be able to continue his solo career in 1993. He released four solo albums entitled ‘Balls to Picasso,’ ‘Skunkworks,’ ‘Accident of Birth,’ and ‘The Chemical Wedding’ until his reuniting with Iron Maiden. With this reunion, he started to climb up the top of his musical career and wealth.

Bruce Dickinson Net Worth $130 Million

Dickinson went back to Iron Maiden in 1999 after his experimental heavy metal solo career. Shortly after his rejoining the band as the lead singer, Iron Maiden released their twelfth studio album, ‘Brave New World’ on 29 May 2000. With the return of him and guitarist Adrian Smith, Iron Maiden resurged their popularity and commercial success. The band produced four more albums, ‘Dance of Death,’ ‘A Matter of Life and Death,’ ‘The Final Frontier,’ ‘The Book of Souls’ until 2015.

Apart from his successful career as the lead singer of Iron Maiden, he continued his solo career and released his sixth solo studio album, ‘Tyranny of Souls.’ He became a licensed pilot of Astraeus Airlines and later he founded his own aircraft company named Cardiff Aviation in 2012. Dickinson’s company turned to commercially successful entrepreneurship.

He also hosted his own radio show named Bruce Dickinson’s Friday Rock Show on BBC radio and historical tv series ‘Flying Heavy Metal’ along with his appearance in different shows as a special guest star. He also wrote many books and his last book ‘What Does This Button Do?’ in 2017. Moreover, Dickison developed a successful formula with Robinson Brewery. Therefore, considering his talents and careers in different areas it isn’t surprising that he is the richest member of Iron Maiden.