Ace Frehley Targets Paul Stanley: ‘I Can Sing Better Than Him’

In a recent interview with Chaoszine, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley didn’t hold back his opinions about Paul Stanley’s vocal struggles, claiming he could sing better than him.

When asked how he feels about not being at KISS’s last concert at Madison Square Garden, especially since he, Peter Criss, and Bruce Kulick were expected but didn’t show up, the musician replied:

“I don’t really understand what happened six or seven to eight months ago when Paul and Gene were in the midst of the ‘End of the Road’ -tour. They were saying really nice things about Peter and Bruce Kulick and me. They were saying, ‘We called Ace, we called Peter, and they’re going to be on stage with us and play a few final songs,’ you know, ‘brotherhood’ and all that bullsh*t.”

Stanley’s Controversial Remarks As The Turning Point

However, things took a sharp turn when Stanley appeared on the Howard Stern Show, as Frehley went on to reveal:

“And then, the last month, once the show was sold out and they didn’t need our help to sell out any more tickets, Paul Stanley went on the Howard Stern show and said, ‘Well, if Ace and Peter got up on stage with us, you might as well call the band Piss.’ That was completely opposite from what he was saying 6-7 months ago, and I don’t know why he said it, but it pissed me off, and after hearing that, I decided I wasn’t going there.”

Frehley’s Confidence In His Own Abilities

He then claimed he could outperform Stanley both in guitar playing and singing, explaining:

“Even if he had invited me and given me a personal invitation after he had hit us below the belt with that comment, I would not have gone there. You know, I can play rings around Paul Stanley on guitar. I can even sing better than him and don’t have to use backing tracks [Laughs].”

Ongoing Vocal Performance Controversy

The controversy around Paul’s vocal performance has been going on for a while. Critics and some fans accused him of lip-syncing during KISS’s ‘End of the Road World Tour.’ Despite these rumors, KISS’s manager, Doc McGhee, defended Stanley, stating that while the singer uses backing tracks, he sings every word of every song during performances.

Later, in a soundcheck video from Berlin in June 2023, the rocker sarcastically addressed these accusations, dismissing them as ‘bullsh*t.’ Despite his attempts to brush off the rumors, the speculation about his use of backing vocals has persisted.

In a more recent chat with Sonic Perspectives, Frehley acknowledged Paul’s talents as a vocalist and frontman, particularly in the 70s. However, he pointed out the long-term implications of Stanley’s singing style and the unsuccessful throat operation in 2009. He described the situation as ‘unfortunate,’ especially given the growing speculation over the years about KISS using backup tracks.