Ace Frehley Shares His Opinion About A Possible KISS Reunion Offer From Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons


KISS original lead guitarist Ace Frehley opened up about a hypothetical reunion with his former bandmates during an interview with The Eddie Trunk Podcast, and apparently, Frehley would absolutely accept the offer of a reunion if bassist Gene Simmons and frontman Paul Stanley asked him.

As you might know, Ace Frehley is best known as the original lead guitarist and co-founding member of KISS with his famous stage persona of The Spaceman, also known as Space Ace, and performed with the band from its inception in 1973 until his departure in 1982, mostly because of the fact that other band members were ‘workaholics’ according to a statement by Frehley himself during an interview a year ago.

Here is what Frehley said:

“The whole idea behind rock ‘n’ roll is that it’s supposed to be fun. You listen to music, and it gets you happy. KISS used to be fun for me, and when it got to the point where it wasn’t fun anymore, I quit.

1981, Gene was over-merchandising the band, they wanted to tour constantly, I didn’t want to tour – I wanted to drive my sports cars and hang out with my friends in between. They were workaholics, and I wanted to go to Studio 54 and enjoy my stardom.”

Despite parting ways with the band and embarking on a successful solo career on his own, Ace Frehley later rejoined KISS in 1996 for an incredibly triumphant reunion tour and his second tenure with the band lasted until 2002 as a result of the band’s Farewell Tour which was intended to be the last tour of the band.

It’s been nearly two decades since Ace Frehley left KISS, however, a reunion of the original line-up is always a sweet thought for every fan of the band, therefore, the original lead guitarist was asked about his reaction if Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley called him for a reunion.

Apparently, Ace Frehley would absolutely work with his former bandmates once again, however, he isn’t as close with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley as he is with Peter Criss which isn’t a big deal since they aren’t on bad terms.

Here is what Frehley said:

Oh, absolutely. I got off the phone with Peter Criss about an hour ago, Peter was nice enough to give me a sweet call, him and his lovely wife Gigi, so that was nice. I haven’t heard from Paul and Gene, and I probably won’t, but that’s okay, I may get a text. We’re still on good terms, and you know, they’re just a little more distant than like me and Peter’s relationship, that’s all.”

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