AC/DC’s Brian Johnson On Meeting Ozzy Osbourne, ‘It Was Ridiculous’

Brian Johnson went from being a relatively unknown face in the rock scene to fronting one of the most commercially successful rock acts of all time in a pretty short period. As Johnson recalled his early days with AC/DC while speaking to Raised On Radio, he also mentioned how surprised he was to meet Ozzy Osbourne out of nowhere.

When he first joined AC/DC, Brian Johnson was getting used to what it meant to be in a famous rock band with numerous people from the crew coming in and out all the time. Still, it was a total surprise for Brian to see Ozzy randomly walk into the studio and invite him for some beers.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was ridiculous, you know?” recalled Brian as he told the story of his initial encounter with Osbourne. “I’m sitting in this little rehearsal room and, you know, bewildered by it all, if you can imagine. We’re getting prepared to go away to do an album, this road crew, man that I’ve never seen before who looked like they knew what they were doing, there was equipment the size I’ve never seen before. This was all promised of being wheeled in, wheeled out.”

Johnson remarked that it all felt like a dream as he continued, “The record people coming in [and] managers, and [it was]just bewildering. Then in comes Ozzy Osbourne, ‘Oh, hello, mate. It’s lovely to meet you.’ He has [a] lovely accent. And [we] sat down and went for a pint around the corner, and I’m just sitting with these people, just looking around. Two weeks ago, I would have just dreamed of sitting in this company, and there I was… It’s really hard to describe.

So, it might be safe to say that Brian lived the ultimate dream every musician might have as he was recruited into a famous band, surrounded by managers and record-label people who were ready to work for him. Besides, meeting another rock legend like Ozzy Osbourne, befriending him, and sitting down to have some beers was an unforgettable moment for the musician.