AC/DC Icon Angus Young’s Favorite Music Genre Besides Rock


A widely accepted opinion is that drawing inspiration from any music outside of their chosen genre helps musicians enrich their musical perspective. For some, appreciating the diversity of genres is necessary for being a good musician. Many musicians reflect their inspirations in their music, and they successfully incorporate elements from various genres. Looking outside of their fields also gives them the courage to look for new ways in making music and challenge the conventional styles they adopted.

It is not just about the musicians since it can be seen that the genres somehow influence the emergence of all different music genres before them. Many prominent artists have broad musical tastes, and they are mostly very generous about sharing their musical inspirations. AC/DC guitarist Angus Young is also among these artists who draw inspiration from different genres outside of his own and even revealed a few names from the genre he loved the most other than rock music during interviews.

Which Genre Angus Young Loves Other Than Rock?


There is no doubt that Angus Young is one of the most energetic performers with his iconic schoolboy outfit. He has always been more than a guitarist with his stunning performances, making it hard for the audience to take their eyes off him. Also, his signature guitar moves are instantly recognizable in any AC/DC record. When all of these are combined, the guitarist represents an ultimate rock and roll icon whose favorite genre must be rock.

In a previous interview with Guitar magazine, Young reflected on his guitar heroes and revealed that Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Chuck Berry greatly inspired him to create his playing style. He explained that it was not just guitar; he would also listen to other instruments to learn different things. Thus, it is clear that having variety in his musical taste has always been an essential part of Young’s life.

Besides rock, blues, and folk, jazz is also a huge source of inspiration for Angus Young. He primarily refers to Louis Armstrong among his jazz influences and describes him as ‘one of the greatest musicians.’ It is known from his previous interviews that he once went to see one of Armstrong’s shows with his brother and sister, and his performance has always stuck in his mind.

His words on Louis Armstrong follow:

“Yeah. And if you’ll notice, in most rock ‘n’ roll music, there is a basis of that blues element. And it’s the same for us. When I grew up, I listened to a lot of blues music, and my brother Malcolm was the same. Blues is just a part of your influence. And my sister Margaret, even when I was very young, took me to see music. And she would get records for us, and especially a lot of old blues.

She would get a whole collection of them and play them, and she took Malcolm and me when we were younger to see a big open-air show with Louis Armstrong, and that always stuck in my mind. Maybe at the time, we were so young that we didn’t realize it, but then, later on, you realize that there was this man with this big history of music, so it was always good.

There was always in our household records like that being played, like Armstrong’s early ones. And other brothers would be playing Presley and Buddy Holly, and another brother would be playing a bit of Bob Dylan. There was always a lot of music and styles coming to Malcolm and myself.”

Being a big fan of jazz and blues must have certainly contributed to Young while widening his musical taste and incorporating something out of it into the band’s sound. As he stated in the interview, he grew up in a family that listened to a lot of music from various styles, which affected his having such a broad scale in music.