AC/DC 2024 Tour Without Cliff Williams? The Report Drops The Bombshell

In a recent update about AC/DC’s much-anticipated 2024 tour, a comedian and known fan of the band, Dean Delray, shared some news. Delray, who has a history of covering the band’s music and interviewing its members, revealed that bassist Cliff Williams will not join the tour this year.

On January 27, he posted online:

“OK, last night I heard from a very reliable source that AC/DC will be touring with a new Bass Player this year. I’m not gonna say who it is. I’ll let AC/DC make that announcement, but I will say this: 3 years ago, I had Cliff Williams on my podcast, and he straight up said he would not be touring again and I was surprised that the fans didn’t seem to pick up on that.”

His words continued:

“I just want take this time to thank Cliff for absolutely rocking us on the Bass for over 40 years. An absolute killer of Groove. I love you, brother.”

The Bassist’s Decision To Retire

Cliff Williams announced his retirement at the end of the ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour in 2015-2016. This tour also marked a change in vocalists, with Brian Johnson leaving due to hearing problems and being replaced by Axl Rose for the final 22 shows.

In a 2020 interview with Delray, Williams talked about the connection between his decision to step down and Johnson’s departure as follows:

“It was before then. I spoke to Angus [Young, AC/DC guitarist] about it initially. I was at a point — and this is at the beginning of the ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour — that I just felt, for me, it was time to hang it up. I knew that I didn’t wanna keep doing these two-year tours, and I didn’t wanna hold them back, so I made them aware of the fact that this was gonna be my last go-round.”

Saying he was done with touring, the bassist added:

“It was a tough tour to finish. God bless Axl for coming in and helping us out, finish it up. He did a great job. And at the end of that, I was definitely — that was it for me. Done — just done. That compounded the whole thing.”

Williams’ Reunion With The Band

Despite retiring from touring, Williams joined the recording sessions for AC/DC’s 2020 album ‘Power Up’ along with Johnson. The two members were also a part of the band’s concert at the Power Trip festival in Indio, California, last October, which was their first live performance in over seven years.

AC/DC hasn’t yet confirmed Williams’ absence from the upcoming tour. They also haven’t released any tour dates for 2024, but rumors say the band is planning performances worldwide, including a concert at Munich’s Olympic Stadium on June 12.