A Rapper Made Rap Version Of Metallica’s ‘One’ And The Result Is Hilarious

Alonso Ramirez released his rap version of the legendary heavy metal band, Metallica’s one of the most iconic songs entitled ‘One’ from his Youtube channel. Being inspired by Metallica’s original lyrics, Ramirez wrote his own lyrics and shared his rap performance of the song.

‘One’ took place in Metallica’s fourth studio album entitled ‘…And Justice for All.’ The album was released on September 7, 1988. It was the band’s first album after the death of bassist Cliff Burton and being replaced by Jason Newsted as the new bassist. The album was greatly appreciated by both the fans and critics becoming one of the most known albums of Metallica.

The song was written by Metallica co-founder and lead vocalist, James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich and released as the third single of ‘…And Justice for All’ on January 10, 1989. ‘One’ was Metallica’s first single which reached the top 40 in the U.S charts. The song describes the feelings and experiences of World War I soldier as anti-war propaganda.

The lyrics of ‘One’ reflect the depression, pain, and misery of a soldier. His experience was neither a reality nor a dream. He felt trapped in this painful world and had only darkness as a company. Alonso Ramirez as a rapper who wanted to build his own fan base and professional career wrote his own version of ‘One.’ However, he kept the claustrophobic and pessimistic side of the song telling this experience of entrapment. Ramirez released his rap version of ‘One’ with his own lyrics inspired by the original ones and it became hilarious.

You can listen to Ramirez’s version below.