Zakk Wylde Confirms Pantera Once Had Reunion Plans With Vinnie Paul

The surprise Pantera reunion and tour announcement are keeping the headlines busy. While the thought of Zakk Wylde replacing Vinnie Paul after his tragic death in 2004 is not new, the band initially had plans to reunite while he was still around. Wylde recently sat down to have a chat with Ultimate Guitar to discuss the Pantera reunion and the band’s initial plans to reunite with Paul before he passed away.

“It was like, ‘Zakk, would you ever do it?'” said Wylde, recalling how he ended up being invited to replace Vinnie Paul. “It’s like, ‘Well, of course, I’m going to do it. Why would I not?’ I’m going to do the best job I can, obviously, but that’s not my decision; that’s the guys.”

After the news of the Pantera reunion became the talk of the town, everyone got pretty invested, and most fans expressed their excitement. Even though they were thrilled that they were back, there were still questions about whether Dimebag would have supported this decision.

In the conversation, Wylde said, “Back in the day with Vinnie, there were discussions, and then, after Vinnie passed away, I didn’t think anything would ever happen. I remember Phill called me one night and said, ‘Zakk, me and Rex would love it if you would honor Dime.'”

“And I was like, ‘Of course, guys, I would always be here to honor Dime and all your achievements,'” Zakk Wylde continued. “The way I looked at it – It’s just a bunch of friends getting together, honoring their buddies, you know what I mean?”

Zakk Wylde and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante are gearing up to continue Pantera’s legacy with a tour in 2023 alongside Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown. The band will set out to headline at many festivals in North America and Europe.