Yungblud Says The Sex Pistols And Lou Reed Are His Biggest Inspirations

In a recent conversation with MTV, Yungblud was asked a series of questions by his fans who wanted to know him better. For the question about his biggest inspirations, he named The Sex Pistols and Lou Reed.

In his short time career, Yungblud has managed to reach huge masses with his striking style. He avoids traditional ways of making music and blends rock, punk, and hip-hop. His wild mannerism and rebellious style have attracted great attention since the beginning of his music career.

Yungblud has two albums and both had great commercial success in a short time after their release. His latest album, ‘Weird!,‘ was released on December 4, 2020, and it was praised for its genre experimentation and distinctive sounds. Yungblud recently revealed that he will be collaborating with Willow Smith for a new song, which made his fans excited.

On the Youtube channel of MTV, Yungblud was asked about his biggest inspirations from the music world. He responded that he loves The Sex Pistols, Lou Reed, Madonna, Blondie, Lady Gaga, and all other many people. It is no surprise that he listed the musicians from various genres as he likes revolving around them also in his musical journey.

When asked about his inspirations, Yungblud replied:

“The Sex Pistols, I love Lou Reed, I love Madonna. I love Blondie, I love Lady Gaga, a plethora of people.”

You can watch the full conversation with MTV below.