Yungblud Opens Up About Struggling With His Sexually His Whole Life


Musician Yungblud has talked with Independent about the problems he faced as a result of his sexual orientation.

Active on the music scene since 2017, Yungblud is a successful singer, songwriter, and actor. Following his debut EP ‘Yungblud,’ he released a full-length album titled ’21st Century Liability.’ In the next year, he released another EP, ‘The Underrated Youth.’ His latest and second album is ‘Weird!’ and it was released in late 2020, topping the UK Albums Chart.

As you may know, Yungblud came out as pansexual and polyamorous. In an interview with Attitude Magazine, he also described himself as a sexually fluid person. Considering his looks, Yungblud also has a sense of fashion that goes beyond gender stereotypes. One day he wears dresses and makeup, the next day he appears more masculine.

Speaking to Independent about his sexuality, Yungblud stated that he hopes his decision to come out as pansexual encourages others who struggle with their sexuality. Talking about his sexual orientation, he said that when love is present, it does not matter what one sexually identifies themselves as. Yungblud then said he struggled with this his whole life as he could not label himself before learning about pansexuality.

Yungblud told Independent that:

“I was just like with it all; ‘I’m pan, you know what I’m saying?’ It doesn’t matter what genitalia you’ve got or what you identify as, if I love you, I love you and that’s it. That’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life because I didn’t know what I was.

I couldn’t quite put a label on it, then I learned about pansexuality from magazines and the internet. I think it’s so beautiful that sexuality has really come to the forefront of my generation’s mind, that you can be beautifully yourself.

What I want to encourage with my message is that no matter what you are, no matter how you want to express yourself, you are individual and you are beautiful just by simply existing. I wanted to make a stand so that if anyone’s out there scared to come out, they will come out.”

Yungblud recently released a single titled ‘Fleabag’ as a follow-up to his ‘Weird!’ album. According to the musician, he wrote the song in a really dark time when he was exhausted from what people expects him to be. He will also perform at the 3Arena in Dublin in November as a part of his 2021 Life On Mars tour.