Yngwie Malmsteen Remembers His First Band: ‘Symphonic Heavy Metal Rock’

Yngwie Malmsteen revealed the name of his first band and the genre he thought the band would be in.

Sharing a snippet from his interview with Rick Beato on his Instagram account, Malmsteen discussed his first band, being a solo artist, and how he was still doing arpeggios even back when he first formed the band. But why was it called ‘symphonic heavy metal rock’? The guitarist explained:

“I found a cassette tape not that long ago from 1777 or ’76, something like this. It’s called Powerhouse, I had a group called Powerhouse. It wasn’t a group, it’s just me with some bass player and a drummer that would rotate. But they said, ‘Powerhouse: Symphonic Heavy Metal Rock.’ I wrote on [the tapes]. There was no term for that neoclassical or anything like that but that’s what it was. I was doing arpeggios and stuff like this even back in the day.”

The First Days Of Malmsteen Were Not So Good

Malmsteen started his music career back in 1973 when he was ten years old. Despite the early age, his experience as a teen musician was not the best.

During an interview on guitarist Cory Wong’s Wong Notes podcast, Malmsteen was asked about Sweden’s history in pop music, and whether there was a unique connection between the country and music. However, Malmsteen expressed that based on his experience, the music industry in Sweden during the 1970s and 1980s did not pay much attention to various trends, particularly not his own style of music. The rocker revealed when people started to take notice:

“No one in Sweden wanted anything to do with me. As far as rock and roll or metal, there was nothing. Not one other band around. In 1982, they had a big battle of the bands, and at the same time – that’s when I got offered to come to the United States. And when I did, I immediately started recording, and did three albums in one year. That’s a huge thing! So all of a sudden, in Sweden, they thought: ‘Wow, this kid actually did it.’ And then there was this other rock and roll band that got popular soon after… so I would say that it was 1984, 1985 – then the industry started to take notice.”

Even though things didn’t go as planned with Powerhouse, the musician still dropped the demos of his early stuff with the band.

You can watch the unseen clips from the recent interview below.