Wolfgang Van Halen Recalls Axl Rose’s Invitation To Join Guns N’ Roses On Stage


Guns N’ Roses had announced at the beginning of summer that Mammoth WVH would be opening for the band during their 2021 tour. Recently, Wolfgang Van Halen spoke about when Axl Rose wanted him to come on stage and perform ‘Paradise City’ with the band and described how he worked hard to get everything right.

The entire GN’R tour was very successful, and the two bands managed to satisfy the crowds. Mammoth WVH took off after that tour and collaborated with Dirty Honey to soon tour with them in 2022. Wolf Van Halen and Dirty Honey’s vocalist Marc LaBelle recently gave an interview to Heavy Consequence and said fans should expect them to prove that ‘rock is not dead.’

The newcomer rockstars seemed pretty confident with themselves, and there is nothing to prove otherwise. Because Wolf is also a newcomer, he felt nervous when Rose asked him to play ‘Paradise City’ with Guns N’ Roses on stage on the final two nights of their tour. He talked about this moment briefly during the interview.

Despite the heavy responsibility on his shoulders, Wolf committed to this assignment and learned his parts in the guitar perfectly. He stated that initially, he didn’t know that he would also do back vocals, but at the only soundcheck, everything went smoothly, and they gave the audience a night to remember.

Here is the story told by Wolfgang Van Halen:

“I was so nervous beforehand, man, when I had heard that Axl was like, ‘Hey Axl wants you to play ‘Paradise City’ with everybody on the last two nights, and they want you to be a part of the bow.’ It was like, ‘uh, okay.’ And I basically held up in the bus in any free time, and I learned just perfectly. There were moments where I kind of only listened to the right side of the headphones to hear Izzy’s part so I could play it literally perfect to every little thing he did.

I wasn’t happy until it was so ingrained because we only had one soundcheck but, it went so well because I didn’t know they wanted me to of backing vocals too, and right as we did it, I just started singing high harmony that I always hear at the beginning of the song and, I didn’t realize that they hadn’t been doing what the whole time. So, when I did it afterward Duff was like, ‘Oh yeah, there is harmony there, isn’t there? That sounds great man.’ It was like, ‘Okay, I think this will be alright.'”

You can watch the interview and Mammoth WVH performing with Guns N’ Roses below.