Wolfgang Van Halen Admits People Should Hate Him For Replacing Michael Anthony

In a recent interview with Spin, Van Halen’s former bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen explained the true story behind him replacing the band’s longtime bassist, Michael Anthony and revealed that people had the right to hate him because of that incident.

As you may know, there were various line-up changes and hiatuses in the history of Van Halen. After Sammy Hagar left the band in 1996, Van Halen members decided to give a break to their musical career as a band. Van Halen reunited in 2003, however, shortly after Hagar left the band again. He started to work with Michael Anthony in his bands, The Circle and Chickenfoot.

In a very short time, the bassist Michael Anthony was replaced by a very familiar name. Eddie Van Halen announced that his son, Wolfgang Van Halen would be the new bassist of Van Halen on September 8, 2006. Wolfgang was only 16 years old at that time and this replacement received different reactions by the fans. However, Wolf proved that he was talented and deserved that place in the band.

During a recent interview with Spin, Wolfgang Van Halen looked back to the time he replaced Anthony and talked about how he felt seeing people’s reations. Wolf admitted that people should hate him because he took the place of the longtime bassist, Michael Anthony but he added that he actually had his own reasons behind that decision.

The young musician highlighted that Anthony was happier to work with Sammy Hagar than with Van Halen at that time. Wolfgang also mentioned that he didn’t have any evil plan to take Michael’s place. He only agreed to join the band because his father had been through hard times and needed his son’s support. He even referred to the sitution as something he did to keep his father alive.

Here’s what Wolfgang Van Halen stated about replacing Michael Anthony:

“Looking cynically on paper, as a kid replacing a longtime member, it’s like…yeah, you should hate me. It’s a lot more nuanced than that. It’s not like my dad was like, ‘Fuck you, get out of here.’ My dad wasn’t going through a good time, and Mike was having a good time playing with Sam. Sam wasn’t in the band.

Sure, it’s a little dicey and complicated, but he really wasn’t a part of it anymore. I completely understand that he wouldn’t want to be around my dad when he was like that. It was never like I went to my dad and said in a cagey movie villain voice ‘I should be playing bass.’ At that point, I just wanted to keep my dad alive.

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