Wolf Van Halen Says He Will Take A Long Break From The ‘Hellhole’ After Mammoth WVH Tour


Wolf Van Halen expressed his frustration towards the drunk people who kick their tour bus with his recent tweet. After receiving criticism from a fan for his tweet, he stated that after the tour, he will take a break from Twitter, and he called it a ‘hellhole.’

Wolf Van Halen is currently on tour in the USA, taking stage as Mammoth WVH, which will end on October 23. In the summer, he will be touring in Germany starting from June. As you may know, when bands travel around for tours, they spend most of their time in tour busses and even sleep there.

Amid all the crazy rock and roll life and taking stage in front of thousands of people, tour busses can be considered a sanctuary for the artist. Wolf recently revealed that his tour bus has been kicked and knocked loudly by drunk people several times at night, which deeply angered him.

When he tweeted about his problem, a Twitter user stated that Wolf complains a lot about his fans and told him not to play music. Wolfgang got angry at this reaction because he hadn’t said anything bad about the fans. The rocker stated that he is tired of ‘condescending sh*t’ and that he will take a break from social media once his tour is over.

Here is Wolf’s initial tweet:

“Yo drunk people that knock loudly on tour bus doors, you’re so cool! Keep doing that!”

And then he continued:

“I can’t believe people are upset at this. This place is the worst lol. How would you feel if drunk people kicked the side of your house and banged on the door in the middle of the night?”

A Twitter user claiming Wolf is complaining about fans all the time:

“Not sure how I see tweets by Wolf Van Halen, but for the most part, it’s always a tweet complaining about something that a fan either said about him or did. If the dude can’t handle playing music, just don’t do it. It’s not like he really has to do this.”

Wolf replied to them by stating:

“Like this shit, what did my tweet have to do with a fan? I’m just saying it’s lame when drunk people bang on a tour bus. I hate this place haha.

Here is why he called Twitter a ‘hellhole’:

“It’s been so bad lately. My replies are just filled with this condescending shit. After this tour, I’m gonna take a nice long break from this hellhole.

It seems like the more Wolf replies to the mean tweets about him, his music, and how he doesn’t love his father, the more users think they can criticize and judge his actions freely. Mammoth WVH fans are worried about Wolf’s mental state and always recommend him not to care about people’s opinions.

You can see his tweets below.

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