Wolf Van Halen Says He ‘Smoked’ His Father Eddie On The Drums

Wolf Van Halen continues to struggle with expressing himself on social media regarding the influence of his father Eddie Van Halen on his current music career. He recently shared a comment of a Facebook user regarding musicians who have musician parents and explained how he and his dad had different skills, so they shouldn’t be related.

Jason Bonham, Julian Lennon, and Jacob Dylan established their musical careers by creating an individual identity that separated them from their fathers’ influence. Even though they have done acts to honor their iconic parents, they didn’t get as much backlash as Wolf Van Halen did after his father Eddie passed away in October 2020.

Wolfgang is known to adore his father, however, he considers his music career is unrelated to his feelings towards him. The musician is constantly criticized in different ways for his actions which almost doesn’t make sense. He formed Mammoth WVH to continue his musical career after the disbandment of Van Halen.

In a recent tweet, the young musician shared a screenshot of an argument he had with someone on Facebook. The comment stated that the sons of John Bonham, John Lennon, and Bob Dylan didn’t compare to their fathers, however, Wolf only achieved fame because of having Eddie’s last name which also makes Mammoth WVH a ‘weak’ band.

In his response, Wolfgang agreed with the comment and stated that their skills are unrelated to their fathers and so should his be. He continued by pointing out the fact that each of these people has different skills than their fathers had and therefore, they shouldn’t be compared to one another. Wolf also reflected on these fans comparing his guitar skills to Eddie’s and stated that he actually ‘smoked’ his father on the drums.

Here is what the fan commented:

“Jason Bonham, Julian Lennon, Jacob Dylan didn’t compare to their fathers either. IMO Mammoth is weak and only received attention because of his last name.”

Here is WVH’s reply to the comment:

“You’re exactly right. It’s almost like what their parents accomplished was incredible, out of an ordinary feat, that doesn’t happen very often. So it would be ridiculous to hold each of them to their own parents’ accomplishments likes it’s relevant to their own skill and experience. Right?”

He shared the screenshot on Twitter and said:

“Y’all make it too easy when you’re this stupid. LOL.”

He continued:

“Also when it comes to “not comparing” what are we talking about? Guitar? Sure. But I smoked Pop on the drums. We’re all better at different things. Do you know why?

We’re different people.

How is this so hard for people to understand? It’s fascinating.”

He finally bashed social media by stating:

Social media has bred everyone into thinking every single one of their opinions on every single thing is important. It’s not. Oh, you hate something? Good for you.”

Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda Williams supported WVH by tweeting:

“If it’s any consolation, every one of you would outshine my Dad as a musician (pretty sure instruments would implode if he tried to play them), so feel free to swap parental comparisons at your leisure! Who knows, maybe I’m a better actor than your Dad!”

WVH replied:

“I love it.

You’ll never be as good at guitar as your Dad, Wolf

Oh yeah? Well I’m better at it than Robin Williams.

And now you can use…

You’ll never be as good of an actor as your Dad, Zelda

Oh yeah? Well I’m better at it than Eddie Van Halen.”

In Wolf’s opinion, because what he does is different from what his dad was known for, it’s ridiculous for people to compare. However, while some people reacts to WVH by stating that he is building up a career in his father’s shadow, other people reacted to him for not performing Van Halen shows. Almost as if whatever he does or doesn’t do is going to be criticized anyway. Mammoth WVH singer also has a strong presence on social media, which he stated his hate towards various times. Yet, he cannot help but reply to his haters most of the time.

You can read the tweets below.