Wolf Van Halen Reacts To The Projects ‘Milking Eddie Van Halen’s Name Since He Passed’

Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared a tweet to criticize the upcoming unauthorized biographical book based on the life of late Van Halen founder, Eddie Van Halen. Also, he argued that his father’s reputation is being used to make money as a reaction to a fan’s comment under his post.

As you may remember, Van Halen’s founder and guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, passed away on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65 after battling cancer for years. Both his family and his fans were devasted about losing him this early. Wolfgang Van Halen has continued to produce music to honor his father’s legacy as both his son and bandmate.

Even though Eddie Van Halen died last year, his life and career still draw great attention. Thus, the well-known author and music journalist, Paul Brannigan, decided to write a biographical book about the guitar icon entitled ‘Eruption: The Eddie Van Halen Story’ which will be released on September 23 and includes the details of Van Halen’s life, filled with successful and crazy moments.

However, the publishing company Faber & Faber didn’t ask Eddie’s family’s permission and his son Wolf reacted to this by heavily criticizing them on his Twitter account. After a fan argued that the unauthorized books often tell the true version of stories without hiding anything, Wolf stated that publishing companies have been treating his father’s reputation as a source of money and have been milking his name since his death.

Here’s what a fan wrote:

“Sometimes the unauthorized versions tell some truths that the entity being discussed always avoids.

Wolfgang responds:

“Then buy the dumb fuckin’ cash grab book, dude. Just saying we have nothing to do with the litany of projects milking Pop’s name since he passed.

You can check out the tweets below.